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We have an idea to make some testing samples this year. It will be some LEA-4R and some LEA-6R chipset based devices. So, if you have win7-XP onboard or USB or RS232 input for GPS data, you can participate in testing program. Oh, yes, and if you plan to visit Moscow, of course, it is possible. Sincerely

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September 2014. At least we have set of both LEA-4R and LEA-6R working devices. The case became a bit longer, 115mm. All devices are USB-ready and powered by usb-b connector. Some have as secondary port rs-232 db-9 male for null-modem cable. Others have bluetooth module installed instead.

COM port is best for hardware port owners, COM1 without any drivers or virtual ports. Bluetooth HC-06 module connected expands area of compartible devices to all android and WM based ones. Bluetooth GPS provider software allows any navigation programm to use our dead reconing hardware.

USB drivers for win7-8-XP operation system at http://www.u-blox.com/en/drivers-a-middleware/usb-drivers.html Win8 sensor emulation, AGPS, firmware updates are also aviable. Themes with track screenshots are aviable here (rus) http://dr.unoforum.ru/?0-5

Test of 7.03 ADR firmware is here: http://dr.unoforum.ru/?1-6-0-00000011-000
Track Google Earth https://www.dropbox.com/s/iocxhfbtwr1y18c/140723222414.kml
Track GPX https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/Dimon/traces/1753274

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