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ссылка на сообщение  Отправлено: 30.11.10 17:40. Заголовок: Antamur v1.02

Fortunately, after some years have in hands working device. It is antaris4 based, but 6-migration is easy. As you can see it have modern murata gyro onboard, usb-powered, with both ports enabled, rs-232 and usb.
The quality in specific condition is 0,3-0,4%. Than means that after 1000m tunnel it losts 3-4m by cource. If it stands on the table the gyro ADC value does not have any noise, displays same number. Calibration easy achives 95-99% in Ublox classification.

Special thanks for local official dealer for patience and attentionaly support the design process.

Cast aluminium case 86x80x38mm.

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EKF Calibration current state.
One week of ordinary usage gives picture below...


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ссылка на сообщение  Отправлено: 12.01.12 21:04. Заголовок: Where can we buy this?

I love this product, where can I buy it?

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Unfortunately there is no commercial production. The only possibility is to participate in testing program, some of our frinds use it for some years. For more information plase send PM to me (the button лс at the bottom of this post:

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